apparently dead. About the uncertainty of death and the fear of being buried alive

17.10.2019 – 13.9.2020

German Version

A production of the exhibition company "h neun Berlin".

The exhibition „apparently dead" was on display in Kassel (Museum für Sepulkralkultur) and Berlin (Medizinhistorisches Museum der Charité) before. For the presentation in Ingolstadt, the exhibition has been reshaped and enriched by a focus on Bavaria.

The exhibition is produced in German.
Leaflets with the English translation are available.
Guided tours on English can be booked via dmm(at)

Around 1800, science begins to cast doubt on the certainty of death. Across Europe, people fear being buried alive, which soon leads to outright hysteria surrounding "apparent death".

The exhibition "apparently dead" recounts how physicians and natural scientists sought to redefine the boundary between life and death. They performed ingenious experiments with electricity and designed mechanical rescue apparatuses for graves and coffins. In specially built morgues, they waited for life signs from the interred until rotting removed all doubt of death.

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